ALAUDA supports projects and research that promote music teaching and learning. Recent work includes educational concerts at schools and community organizations; long-term partnerships and residencies; and a young artist internship program. The most recent project with Helendale Road Primary School was featured at the Research in Music Education conference in London (April 2015), and collaborators won Yale Distinguished Music Educator awards at the 2015 Symposium on Music in Schools.


Helendale Road Primary School Partnership


Educational projects are guided by the following goals:

To expose students to a high level of musicianship through a variety of performing ensembles

To expose students to a wide variety of genres and styles of music conducive to group and individual performance

To aid in the development of students’ musicianship in order to enrich their classroom experience

To help transform the student’s musical interest into intrinsic motivation and sustainable curiosity so he or she will become a lifelong explorer of music

To serve as an extension and enhancement of the classroom teacher’s curriculum

To provide a structure for outreach presentations that maximizes educational impact and music learning